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While endodontic therapy deals mainly with the tooth structure itself, periodontics is a dental specialty dealing with the support structure for the tooth - the gums, bones, root cells, and the ligaments of the jaw.

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  • Poor tooth alignment, or improper bite alignment

  • Faulty or lost fillings in the tooth

  • Mouth breathing, creating dry mouth

  • Poorly fitting dentures

  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

  • Chronic gingivitis (inflammation of the gums - a precursor to periodontal disease)

Risk factors for developing periodontal disease

  • Poor oral hygiene, and a lack of brushing or regular flossing

  • Dental plaque

  • Untreated gum or tooth infections

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Blood diseases

  • Drugs

  • HIV infection or immune system suppression due to medical treatment

Periodontal therapy is used for a wide variety of issues including the entire support structure for your teeth - from the root cells and jawbone, to your gums, tongue, and the lining of your mouth.


Periodontal intervention is necessary in cases of infection in the root of the tooth, treatment of periodontal disease of the gum, or to place and maintain dental implants.


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